Kim Hyung Jun, Solo Debut 2nd Anniversary Concert Self-promoting “cute”

Kim Hyung Jun, Solo Debut 2nd Anniversary Concert Self-promoting “cute”

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[TV Daily Reporter Kang-Dae-In] Singer Kim Hyung Jun Solo Debut 2nd Anniversary Concert Self-promoting. On 18th, Kim Hyung Jun wrote in his twitter “Kim Hyung Jun Solo Debut 2nd Anniversary Concert & First Domestic Solo Concert ‘THE FIRST’ 2013.03.09 ” posted together with a photo. In the photo, Kim Hyung Jun in cold weather holding a sketchbook with written promote sentences. Sketch book written “Saturday 6pm, you all have empty time, right?” announcing the concert to fans. Due to the exposed of the photo, netizens has shown a variety of reactions “Solo Debut 2nd Anniversary Congratulation” “Self-promoting really cute” “Cuteness really appealing female fans” “For sure got empty time”

[TV Daily Reporter Kang-Dae-In / photo = Kim Hyung Jun’s twitter]


Incident regarding to Hyung Jun’s tweet yesterday

Credit: rainieangel @ twitter

<Incident regarding to Hyung Jun’s tweet yesterday> 

As a fan of Kim Hyung Jun for years, I’ve never seen any situations could make him pissed badly like yesterday. I was there waiting for his MH recording , and it was expected to end around 4pm. Before HJ came down to the lobby, a 7 members boys group came down and their fans ran to them and they walked to the parking lot. HJ appeared about 2 minutes after them and we walked along with him to the parking lot as well. While we were walking there and HJ saw that group of people so he was curious and asked “Who’s there?” and we told them, it’s “x-xxxx”! When we walked closed to HJ’s van and that group’s van was parked RIGHT NEXT TO HJ’s van!!! 2 Members (E & K) were still standing outside, chatting with their fans or doing their own whatever matters. Our group was about 15 people and surely they must have noticed us. Member E was standing there and just staring at HJ rudely without any intention to greet. Member K was on the other side with his back facing to us but he turned his face looking at us sneakily.  After we saw this, HJ was quite pissed and said뭐야 (What’s wrong) when he was giving signs to his fans. I believe he must be real sad about this group especially this is the group he had offered so many assistance and support in the past years. In fact, all of them should greet politely to a Seonbae even he/she is a stranger. This is a basic manner in Korea!! We really disappointed about this boys group especially these two brothers! Shame on them! I hope this lesson will become an awakening warn to them!

After reading the above, i’m extremely feel disappointed and angry when i knew the way they treated Hyung Jun who being nice to them and gave them many aid in many ways. Why they act like that to our boy?!That’s really rude for them to do that! Hyung Jun is senior to them and they should at least nod when saw him! But they don’t and even sneakily look at Hyung Jun?! No wonder Hyung Jun would be so mad and wrote in twitter yesterday.

From HyungJun87 twitter: 요새 동생들은 인사를 참 눈치보면서 살금살금 피한단 말이야…  오늘 목동에서 너무 화가나네. .  내 눈앞에 띄지 말아줘요 동생님드을~^^

(Eng trans by xiaochu1004 twitter: the dongsaengs these days are trying if they can quietly avoid greeting (senior)… I am very angry (about what happened) in MokDong. . Please don’t appear in front of me, Mr DongSaengs~^^)