Park JungMin’s Mom Restaurant – BANJUDAM 반주담


안녕 Si Hui ❤


I have seen some blogs that mentioned Banjudam have converted into a pretty cozy cafe. I have yet visit the cafe, but it is still at the same location. I’m unsure if this was still manageable by the family but do let me know if you visited 🙂



Banjudam is CLOSED (according to tweets from SS501’s fans)



During my August Seoul Trip (Yes, I went again…), I visited Banjudam again for their food. I will blogged again in separate entry, but I would like to highlight here in this entry that, Banjudam is no longer open for business during Lunch Hours. They are only opened at night from 6pm-12midnight 🙂 Night ambience are great and Im sure you will love this place with such romantic ambience. 😀

(Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 6pm – 12midnight)

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Kim Hyung Jun, Solo Debut 2nd Anniversary Concert Self-promoting “cute”

Kim Hyung Jun, Solo Debut 2nd Anniversary Concert Self-promoting “cute”

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[TV Daily Reporter Kang-Dae-In] Singer Kim Hyung Jun Solo Debut 2nd Anniversary Concert Self-promoting. On 18th, Kim Hyung Jun wrote in his twitter “Kim Hyung Jun Solo Debut 2nd Anniversary Concert & First Domestic Solo Concert ‘THE FIRST’ 2013.03.09 ” posted together with a photo. In the photo, Kim Hyung Jun in cold weather holding a sketchbook with written promote sentences. Sketch book written “Saturday 6pm, you all have empty time, right?” announcing the concert to fans. Due to the exposed of the photo, netizens has shown a variety of reactions “Solo Debut 2nd Anniversary Congratulation” “Self-promoting really cute” “Cuteness really appealing female fans” “For sure got empty time”

[TV Daily Reporter Kang-Dae-In / photo = Kim Hyung Jun’s twitter]