Park Jung Min’s First Solo Southeast Asia “Double Personality” FM in Malaysia


Eng Trans: jhchan501


SS501 Park Jung Min gonna come to Malaysia meet fans again after started his solo! Tickets of “Double Personality” FM will start selling on 17th August!! Korea Group, one of the SS501’s member – Park Jung Min, confirmed to held the First“Double Personality” FM in Malaysia among the Southeast Asia as the solo for the first time. This FM which is jointly organized by New Art Star Entertainment & PMP Entertainment, will be held on 12th October, 2013 (Saturday) at Star Stage @ KWC Fashion Mall.

Starting from early this year, Park Jung Min had held total 8 《Park Jung Min VS ROMEO Theatrical Tour 2013》 “Double Personality” Tour Concert in 4 of the places of Japan. “Double Personality” Tour Concert, will be present in two ways, which gonna divided into premier day and night parts. On the day time, cheerful and sunny Park Jung Min will appear, and offer the most natural and handsome stage performance. At night, he will 180 degrees change into wild ROMEO avatar, and showing his wild side. This Tour Concert had succeed created an upsurge to Fans with memorable performance, and finally ended with perfect end. Now, Malaysia Organizer decided to bring Park Jung Min [ROMEO] this“trend”to Malaysia. This FM will include the most essence premier day and night parts, it is bound to let fans to feast their eyes with Park Jung Min’s shinny. This time definitely will let fans to have opportunity to get closer contact with Park Jung Min with attractive games.

Tickets for this FM will be RM390, RM290, RM190 and RM120. For more details about the first sale, please contact Ticket Charge Hotline: +603-9222 8811 /

New Art Star Entertainment Hotline: +603 – 7960 0779 and Facebook New Pro Star Sdn Bhd

【First Sale Details~!!】

Date: 17th August (Saturday)

Time: 11.00 am to 3.00pm

Location: Upper Atrium,Paradigm Mall

*The first 100 purchase of VVIP or VIP entrance tickets fans will receive a 10% discount. In addition, the organizers will be at every hour of the day, give away Park Jung Min Press Conference and Autograph Session Limited Tickets.


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