Met SS501 – Kim Hyung Jun at Malaysia 2012

It’s have been about more than a month since i met Kim Hyung Jun in Malaysia at where he was attending MMFA (Malaysia Model Festival Awards) on 11 Dec. 2012. And he stayed at Malaysia for 3 days 2 nights. I managed to meet him in person for continuously for 3 days as well! It’s hard to express my excited feeling for that 3 days! Since there were no bodyguards be with him, we managed to keep our distance closer to him. For sure, we all didn’t touch him or did any crazy things to him. We all were very disciplined. ^^ He’s really good looking, we’re screamed in our heart wonder why he could be that handsome. Kinda of crazy in our heart ourselves… And for sure we didn’t show it in front of him. LOL

11 Dec 2012

I’ll just skip the part (awards) of MMFA, because it was quite boring. >_<” Hyung Jun, he (VIP) was sitting in front of the stage, and we were not manage to see his expression since we all were sitting quite far away from him. After the end of MMFA, he went back to his hotel room (to have a rest i think), then came down again went to the MMFA ballroom at where we also could entered. He’s busied entertained (being entertained ?).. whatever…. we all hanging around him, some distance away from him, and i don’t understand why the Korean women kept on asked us to stay away from him since we were all standing quite a distance from him. I didn’t even take any picture of him! Just wanna see his expression, that’s my wish. He was bored from the expression he showed, he kept on looking at us (fans who standing far away from him) now and then, seem like he wanted to get away from there as fast as possible (he’s flooded with English where the translator was not with him all the time). We really could felt his feeling.. poor guy.. T____T  But, we couldn’t help him. After sometime, there is a Model CEO from Korea who being so kindhearted asking Hyung Jun to take photo with us! (He knew that we all were waiting for Hyung Jun) Hyung Jun quickly stand up and gonna take photo with us… I was rushing to his side since there is chance can take photo with him. Before taken photo, i asked him in Korean language “Are you tired?” Hyung Jun looked at me and replied by using Korean “Never mind.” (bitter smile he showed me) Poor guy…. T_____T And i managed to take 2 photos with him. (4 person per photos) I’m quite lucky as there were 20+ fans that time, and only some of us success to take photo with him. That was because that Korean women appear again and stopped us from continually taken photos. @@ Time flying and finally it’s time for Hyung Jun to back to his hotel room. His face expression totally changed when he could left that place! He was so happy and smile all the time along his way back to his hotel room,. we all were accompanying him and he even said “Good night” to us repeatedly! How nice was him?! We all did say the same to him.. Before he went into lift (actually still got long way before he reached lift), i yelled (some distance away) at him using Korean “Where are you going tomorrow?” He turned back and replied with smile “” (with his finger pointed to floor) Argggggg…. so warm of him! Right? I was totally happy that he replied me! I never thought that he would replied me by stopped walking and turned back.Quite surprise for me. xDDD Here are the pictures taken that night 11 Dec 2012. P/S: One of the photo taken was at where Hyung Jun waved his hand called me, that time the Korean women scared me and i was standing about a meter away from Hyung Jun.The moment he waved at me made me felt so happy!



12 Dec 2012

121212, a lovely day for me as well. I met him at somewhere at Kuala Lumpur! LOL We found that he was having his dinner (Korean food) at Starhill (shopping mall), so we all waited for him on second floor where we could see him. ^^ After he finished his meal (with all staffs), he came out from there and we all quickly get closer to him. He saw us (5 of us and there were another 3 fans that we don’t know them), he smiled at us and they seem like not yet wanna leave that place. I was standing quite a distance away from him as the Korean women was with him as well. I’m totally afraid of her… I do not like being treated just like we will injure Hyung Jun if we get closer to him. == All of sudden, i saw fans getting closer to Hyung Jun’s side, without thinking too much, once again i ran towards him and gonna stand beside him! Gonna take group photo again, right? And I WAS RIGHT! *Screamed…. in my heart again. This time i was managed to stand next to him!!!!!! NEXT TO HIM!!!!!! OMG! REALLY EXCITED! xDDD After taken photo, we said to him “See you tomorrow.” He replied with pretty smile “ne, see you tomorrow.” Melted by his smile… Gosh.. really so handsome! We all were so excited and felt like screaming after Hyung Jun left. P/S: He’s having drink with his staffs at other place after meal (after taken photos with us). XDD Since we were excited, we didn’t continually followed him.. LOL What a reason..LOL Is because we wanna let him to have his enjoyable time in Malaysia, it is rude to follow him whenever he go, right? ^^ Here the photo again. LOL


13 Dec 2012

This day, he gonna fly to Thailand. We all sent him off in KLIA Malaysia. We waited for him since 11am in the morning.. And he arrived KLIA around 2pm something. Quite a long time waiting but it’s worth. LOL We all were following him along the way he went to check-in, and for sure i managed to chat?talk? to him in Korean. ^^ Since i was talking to him (all in Korean language), he answered me if he could get what i was saying. (Actually my Korean skill is bad, but i really happy that he listened to me patiently and answered every single question that i asked him if he could understand.) He even asked us to be careful as we paid our attention on him without noticed other obstacles. So sweet of him! ^^ He also showed many cute expression.. Really the youngest of SS501. So cute and lovely! xDD He felt shy when one of the fans said he was cute, he replied thank you with shy expression. I couldn’t stand laughing when i saw his expression. LOL Here is the video taken by me that day in KLIA Malaysia. Enjoy.. ^^ Oh yeah! We all did taken photo together at airport before Hyung Jun left Malaysia!



Kim Hyun Joong Flower Beggar, “Have you ever saw flower beggar like this?”

Eng Trans/中文翻译 by jhchan501 

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