121123 Park Jung Min in Arirang Radio Today!

Today, Park Jung Min appeared live in Arirang Radio – Kpopin’ section (1200-1400KST). I got to know this in time and managed to listen it LIVE!!!!! And Park Jung Min appeared around 1300KST. I’m extremely enjoyed the time in which he was around and chatting with DJ. He spoke some English as well (so CUTE!!!!!) since this Kpopin’ is all broadcasted in English. But, don’t worry, DJ translated all that Jung Min’s say into English.

For those who had missed this, now you can check-it out the audio file here in youtube (as showed below) that uploaded by Sunshine8743.  Thank you, dear! ^^


Korean language

I’m learning Korean language myself since 2 years ago. It’s hard to learn by myself. Fortunately, i met my Korean friend in weibo at where she was learning Chinese, thus had a weibo account. I’m also learning Korean via TTMIK . An online learning website at where I can download mp3 audio file and PDF file, so that i can study while listening and looking at it. That is an amazing website. Feel free to have a look! ^^

People who know me will know that i’m learning Korean because of our boys – SS501. And it’s true. Haha~ After getting familiar with  Korean language, i found that it is really an interesting language! I love it! Totally like it very much! Korean language after all is not easy to learn, but it is not hard to learn as well.  열심히 공부해서 해까요. ㅋㅋ (Studying hard will do. hehe)

Actually, i find it easy to learn if you own some friends from Korea, i mean a real Korean nationality friend. Besides, try to translate your own words into Korean language will help too. Don’t be shy to ask when you’re in doubt, i always do that. LOL Keep on asking and asking.. And for sure, i made many mistakes as well. Just keep on practice and practice, Practice Make Perfect, right? Between, i’m writing this while chatting with a Korean fan in twitter just now. Yes, we are chatting by using Korean language! I might make mistake but… just go ahead write it out if you want to improve! That Korean fan know English, so i’m hoping that she will correct me if i write anything wrong. hahaha~

My Korean friend (who i met in weibo) is always willing to help me when i’m in doubt. She is just NICE to me! xDD And i’m really appreciate to have her as my friend. She really treat me so nice until my friends, SS501’s fans in Malaysia and China also know how nice is her. Since she is learning Chinese, i’m always give her my assistant when she need it. ^^ We ever met during my visit at Korea this year. Her Chinese is nice enough, but she keep on say no no no. Haha~ What a cute friend! I asked her to teach to pronounce some Korean words, and i find it was so hard….. Anyway, i’ll keep on studying and studying! Hope i can chat and speak naturally with her and all people using Korean language.

[Korean Schedule Info] Park Jung Min 2nd Single ‘Beautiful’ [24.11.2012 @ 1300 KST Updated]


11/15 [TV] Mnet ‘M! Countdown’ 18:00 In KST

11/17 [TV] MBC ‘Music Core’ 16:00 In KST (Pre-recording at 10:00 in KST)

11/17 [Stage] SBS ‘Hope TV 2012’ 14:40 in KST

11/18 [Canceled] SBS ‘Ingigayo’ 15 :40 In KST

11/19 [Redcarpet&Stage] Korea entertainment awards 18:30 In KST

11/20 [Recording] MBC Music ‘Show Champion’ 16:20 in KST

11/20 [Recording] MTV ‘The Show’ 21:30 in KST

11/21 [Recording] ArirangTV ‘Simply K-pop’ 18:00 In KST

11/21 [Radio] Arirang Radio

11/21 [TV] Mnet ‘Music Triangle’ 18:00 in KST

11/24 [TV] MTV ‘Hunger experience concert(Hope tv 2012)’ 24:00 in KST (Not accurate)

11/25 [TV] SBS ‘Ingigayo’ 15:40 in KST

11/26 [Stage] ‘Living With HIV Concert 2012’ 20:00 in KST

11/26 [Radio] KBS ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’ 22:00 in KST

11/27 [TV] MBC Music ‘Show Champion’ 18:00 In KST

11/27 [TV] ArirangTV ‘Simply K-pop’ (Not accurate) 11:00 In KST

11/27 [Event] Yes24 Fansigning event 16:00 In KST

11/29 [Event] Evan records Fansigning event 20:00 in KST

12/01 [TV] MTV ‘Living With HIV Concert 2012’ 24:00 in KST

More Information will be added here. Thank you.^^

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Park Jung Min comeback with “Beautiful”


Here’s the roughly translate about the article posted.

Source : As shown in the article

English translate by: jhchan501

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The termination contract processes between him and CNR company made him stress and faced a lot of other problems. When the most upset condition he faced, he was appreciate that his dog “jeomreah” accompanied him all the time, welcoming him whenever he came back home late at night. Other than jeomreah, he placed his attention (hobby) at reading home designs (books) & shopping to calm his emotion down.

His positive thinking made him solved all problems he faced. He said:”I always want to keep my sunshine image.” “As known by all, i faced a lot of problems & difficult moment, but i find back my smile. Finding happiness in many tiny things and thus frustrated problems will be all gone.”

After 22 months, he released his 2nd album “Beautiful”. He participated in composing this album which include making, concept planning & also collecting songs. “Beautiful”s lyrics is wrote by PJM. ^^ The lyrics is about a first sight of love feeling by a man who can’t stop thinking of her.


Vote for Kim Hyun Joong for Yahoo Buzz Awards 2012!

Yahoo Buzz Awards is coming back again! Let’s vote for Kim Hyun Joong again! Let him continually won the award for the 4th year! ^^ Here’s the website where everybody can vote as long as you have yahoo email address:- http://hk.promotions.yahoo.com/buzz2012/index.php#!/vote/

This year, we can vote continuously just by using 1 yahoo email address. So, keep on voting whenever you are free to make our Leader to win the Award again! Fighting! ^^

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Kim Hyun Joong Fully Comeback

Source : Malaysia – China Press Newspaper dated 6 November 2012

Translated by: jhchan501

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In this year, Kim Hyun Joong who focused on development in Japan and Asia countries will fully return to South Korea in the second half of the year. Other than shooting new drama 《City Conquest》, he will also release his first solo official Japanese album 《Unlimited》 on 12th Dec 2012. His company’s Manager specially first public Kim Hyun Joong’s new album stylist photos on 22th Oct 2012 to propagate for him. The cover photo of him was carrying a guitar, more to mature image.

The new album of 《Unlimited》, totally with 14 songs which include new and old songs. The title songs of 《Your Story》 and 《Save Today》 were composed by well-known rock musicians who were being invited, Kim Hyun Joong himself do wish that in this new album he can quest the rock style. People from Japanese music industrial stated that the two mini albums that released this year in Japan by Kim Hyun Joong recorded a good results in the Oricon Chart, thus they are looking forward to his new solo official Japanese album, for them, Kim Hyun Joong now in Japan is not just a Kpop singer, but is a famous international singer.

Kim Hyun Joong’s schedule for the second half of year are full, and earlier he said that he has continued his contract with his KeyEast company. The major shareholders of KeyEast – Bae Yong Joon, two years ago invited Kim Hyun Joong to join (KeyEast), and Kim Hyun Joong also mentioned several times that he’s very admire and believe in Bae Yong Joon, therefore even though the contract is not yet expired, but already renewed the contract for the peace of mind. Kim Hyun Joong now is busy shooting the new drama 《City Conquest》which was adapted from a comic. He went to Japan for shooting in July and started from September would be shooting in Korea. The day in when Kim Hyun Joong celebrated his Japanese fan club for the 1st Anniversary in Japan, the highlights of the new drama had been specially public.

This new drama forecast that it will be first broadcast by early next year. Kim Hyun Joong in 《City Conquest》 first time challenge action movie, Korea media believe that this is a good chance for him to wash the disreputable of 《Naughty Kiss》. In where 《City Conquest》 is not yet broadcast, the copyright of this new drama in Japan and China already call out the price up to 11.8 billion won.

Original from China Press Newspaper: